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We Love When People Talk About Us!

"I am 75-years old & I have had several very good trainers over the past 30-years, here in Williamsburg and in Fairfax County.


I started working w/Antwain Haskins of StudioA fitness about 3 months ago.  Antwain is, without a doubt, the best trainer I have ever worked with.

He is an incredibly gifted trainer and teacher - his training knowledge, knowledge of how the muscles work and their needs, how he works with clients, etc., is exceptional.  He gears each workout with what the client's needs are.

Each session is varied from previous ones.  Yet if a client needs something special on a given day, Antwain has the solution/option to meet that need.  He has the skill to address the different levels of multiple clients at the same time.  The skill levels of my co-client and I are similar.  Friends I have recommended to Antwain are very different (one is 87, with severe breathing issues; the spouse in 76 in good health).  He works with both at the same time giving each the work - out that each can accomplish successfully."

One cannot find a better fitness expert and trainer! 

== A.P.

"I was rear-ended by another driver in 2008 and suffered very bad whiplash.  I received physical therapy and then worked with several trainers over the years and never could improve my upper body strength.  I was unable to perform a single push-up, something I was capable of doing prior to the accident.  After meeting Antwain for my initial evaluation, I knew he was the person to work with because he demonstrated a thorough understand of muscle, physical therapy and training.  Less than eight months of working together, I successfully executed 20 push-ups with good form!  I was so filled with joy to finally regain my upper body strength.  I have this wonderful new sense of well-being: achieving goals and being strong.  The strength and confidence I gained working with Antwain follows me beyond the studio and into all of my daily activities."

Thank you Antwain!

==  E.M.

"Simply the best there is.  On a scale of one to ten, Antwain is a 100!  Focused, professional, skilled, attuned and respectful of your physical limitations, encouraging, always positive while nudging you to achieve your very best self.  Every session is challenging, fun and constantly changing.  Do something wonderful for yourself and sign up for a great new way to achieve your goals...and can I mention that I'm almost 82!"

== L.P.

"I've been working out at the gym by myself for decades, so I was totally surprised at how much better my routine got when I started working with Antwain as StudioA.  Every day he's doing something new, which keeps me on my toes and keeps me engaged.  Also, I feel a real difference in my body.  Antwain does sessions together with myself and my teenage son, and that has given us a chance to bond and to push ourselves since we love to compete.  Thank you StudioA!"

== Gary P.

"I've been working out with Antwain at StudioA ever since I quit soccer because I wanted to stay in shape but knew I wouldn't be able to motivate myself and I didn't know what exercises were best.  Plus, in high school, you don't get much physical activity.  He's really helped me get stronger and stay in shape.  Sometimes my dad works out with me at StudioA, and it makes us both work harder plus we get to spend time together.  I've really noticed a difference in my strength since I started." 

== Alex P., age 16

"Training with Antwain at Studio A Fitness is one of the best things we've ever done for ourselves!  It keeps us exercising regularly and pushes us far beyond what we would do on our own resulting in increased strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.  Every session is different and it's never boring.  Antwain makes our workouts challenging and we have fun!"  

==  Sena Murphy and Stephanie Baker


"If you told me that I would run an 8-K at the Shamrock Marathon at the age of 68, I would have told you I only run if there's an axe murderer behind me!  And yet it happened!  Antwain has the patience of Job and never let me give up...not only was I able to run a Marathon -- I no longer take anti-depressants!  My advice to anyone -- no matter what fitness level or age -- is to start with Antwain at Studio A Fitness and never give up!"

==  Courtney Yoshikawa-Kuller


"Being a senior, I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it through even one session.  But Antwain knew when I was out of energy and switched to a less strenuous exercise and helped me to keep going.  Seniors shouldn't feel intimidated at StudioA Fitness and Antwain gave me direction and support on the road to a healthier lifestyle."

==  Teresa Medina


"Walking into StudioA Fitness was one of the best things I've ever done for myself.  The training and results have far exceeded my hopes and expectations and I feel better now than at any other age!  My clothes fit better, I have more energy and stamina, I sleep better and I am eating healthy and loving life!  The work outs are NEVER cookie cutter approach here!"

==  Carol Ely


"I recently turned 60 and I knew I had to make a change.  I saw the ad for StudioA and thought I'd give it a try and it was the best thing I've ever done.  Antwain has a unique way of using workout equipment and incorporating these techniques into a workout routine.  Keeping track of my diet was another aspect of the training and I realized my eating habits needed to change.  I am firmly convinced I would not have made such progress without Antwain's help and guidance.  Take the first step and give it a try!"

==  Ann Mebert


"Antwain's training has made exercise fun for me.  You get to do something different every time you walk in.  I came to Antwain looking to get back in shape and lose some inches.  He has also encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle.   His positive energy is contagious and I recommend him to everyone!"

==  Christy Numbers


"As a parent of a 10 year old who  loves to watch TV and play video games, having Antwain has been great in helping my son be more active.  He actually looks forward to going to StuidoA and working out!"

==  Melissa Lowe


"Antwain is an excellent motivator and fitness guru!  Thank you for recognizing my true limits and then encouraging me to go further.  Without you, I would of taken the easy route and not gotten the results I wanted."

==  Eileen Kondysar

"We loved the aerial yoga class and our teacher."

== Jessica Gifford


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